The Art of Relieving Stress

A new way of dealing with stress – Adult Coloring Books.

Feeling stressed? Of course you are. Stress is the feeling we get when we are under pressure due to looming deadlines and knowing you have people depending on you to get the job done.

It’s almost impossible to be a professional these days and not experience stress!  The difference on how successful you are depends on how well you deal with stress.

As a business owner, we work very long hours and honestly I really didn’t even realize how stressed I was until my colleague walked in with a wonderful gift, and what is now my new way of dealing with stress – Adult Coloring Books.

At first I thought she was completely crazy – Who had time to color!?!   A week later, I couldn’t be more grateful for that pleasant pastime.


It reminded me of when I was a child sitting at my table with crayons and markers spewed all around me,  only focused on what color to use next – the simple life. I’ll forever be grateful to my colleague for re-introducing me once again to such a wonderful past time!
Try it yourself today, here are a few links for you to download Adult Coloring Pages:
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