Getty Images to Slash Royalties

As reported by Freelancer Union, Getty Images has announced a huge reduction in the royalties it will pay to thousands of freelance photographers and illustrators.

The plan, which was communicated by Getty Images to it’s freelance contributors, is to reduce royalties for non-exclusive images licensed by subscription to as low as 2¢ per license—93% lower than current royalties.  The slash in royalties is to take effect on December 23, 2016.

An international group of freelancers, Microstock Coalition, has started a petition to stop the plan from happening and is asking fellow freelancers to sign the petition to help drive awareness to the impact this will have on freelancers.

About Getty Images: 

Getty Images, Inc. is an American stock photo agency, based in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers.

Tis the Season for #GivingTuesday with 100 Hispanic Women of Westchester

#GivingTuesday with 100 Hispanic Women of Westchester

Yesterday marked the 5th year of the #GivingTuesday initiative, which last year alone raised $116 million dollars in online donations through 92Y, in partnership with United Nations Foundation.

#GivingTuesday falls on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving Thursday, just in time to start the Holiday festivities!  It’s also an amazing opportunity many of us have to give back to our communities and support a great cause.

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The Business Ahead was invited to experience this firsthand with 100 Hispanic Women of Westchester’s  (#100HWW) Annual Three Kings Day Toy Drive and Networking Event, which was held yesterday at Zuppa’s Restaurant & Lounge in Yonkers, NY. 

Despite the down-pour of rain most of the day, dedicated members and guests did not let this damper their giving-mood as they arrived with unwrapped toys in hand, ready to mingle and have an amazing time. As we entered, we were greeted with bright smiles and warm hugs by 100HWW board members, while the music, by  DJ Juan Carlos Macias, energized you to get on the dance floor with Salsa & Merengue, as well as some ol’ school jams.

Sponsors of the event included Goya Foods, New York Life, Yonkers Brewery and Zuppa  Resturant.  Raffle prizes included contributions from Goya Foods, Latina Magazine and DTP Wines.  

We are honored to have been part of the festivities and able to share details of this great non-for-profit organization with our readers.

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About the Organization:

100 Hispanic Women of Westchester is a non-for-profit organization serving Westchester and surrounding areas to foster enrichment opportunities for women and support young Latinas aspirations for higher education, while building bridges with members & the community.Each year, as part of their Young Latinas Leadership Institute (YLLI) program, 100HWW grants scholarships to young Latinas looking to pursue college degrees.

Meiling Macias-Toro is the New President of 100 Hispanic Women of Westchester, who served on the board for over twelve years prior.  The remaining board of Latinas have also been long standing members of 100HWW, a few of which have just joined the Board this year.

Together, they make an amazing team, which was very evident at the Toy Drive their team approach towards the event was uplifting – working together to truly make this event such a success.  Their eagerness & dedication to serve the Latina community is truly inspiring!



#GivingTuesday: Learn more about your Charity before you Donate

#GivingTuesday: Learn more about your Charity before you Donate

Giving back during the holidays is as time-honored tradition as much as the Salvation Army bells ringing outside department stores are.

So much so, that the The New York-based organization, 92Y, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation created a day dedicated to doing so.  This year marks the fifth year the United States has designated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as #GivingTuesday.

According to Better Business Bureau, 92Y, in partnership with United Nations Foundation,  #GivingTuesday has raised over $116 million dollars in online donations last year from over 700,000 donors.

The benefits to donating your time, money and effort to charities is the amazingly warm feeling of helping those in need.  For businesses, it shows commitment & concern to their community.  It’s also an opportunity for a business to increase their Visibility with their customers, as they align with charities & important causes.

Choosing the right charities can be challenging, so here are a few suggestions on how to learn more about the Charity you are donating to.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance has been helping donors on how to find out more information on the organization(s).  To learn more on these, visit to verify if the charity meets the 20 BBB Standards for Charity Accountability.

Another way to learn about your charity is making an appointment with someone at the charity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Their website is another great source of information, as well as inquiring within your network.

Lastly, if you are a charity and want to start the free accreditation process, visit their Free Accreditation Process page.

Happy Giving! Happy Holidays! #GivingTuesday

Freelance Isn’t Free in NYC

Freelancers Union Organization announced today the news that Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act into law yesterday, November 16, 2016.

This is truly a historic event as New York City is now the in the nation to protect freelance workers against client nonpayment. As reporting on Freelance Union’s website, as of today 38% of workers in NYC freelance and 55 million Americans freelance across the country.

With this Act, businesses are required to provide written contracts for freelance gigs, which will allow freelancers the ability to file complaints against non and late-paying clients with the Department of Labor Standards.  This also institutes penalties against clients found guilty of nonpayment in small claims court.

To view the legislation, click HERE.

To sign a petition in your city, click HERE. 

To learn more information, please visit the Freelancers Union site today. 


Dedicating a Day to Local Small Businesses

Shop small on Small Business Saturday

While many will be trampling over each other to get the best deals this Black Friday, the Mega-Shopping day right after Thanksgiving, others will be enjoying the great feeling of supporting their local communities by shopping small during Small Business Saturday.  

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. In 2016, Small Business Saturday will be November 26.

How did this get started? 

A photo by Steven Wei. Express launched Small Business Saturday on November 27, 2011 and was os successful, it was unanimously passed as a resolution of support for Small Business Saturday by the United States Senate in 2012.   

The day initiative was created to get American shoppers to consider small businesses as they do their holiday shopping. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers anticipate big discounts and promotions from large retail companies and eCommerce sites, Small Business Saturday is a intended to help small business to compete for this business, allowing shoppers to support local businesses that help create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhood communities.

Benefits to Participating:


Participating businesses will benefit from free marketing resources, event guides, and online ads.  Businesses can take advantage of these resources as part of their Small Business Saturday planning.

Any business can take part of the day.  So don’t wait! Participate!

To learn more, click on the below links: 







Media Coverage of NY Business Expo 2016

Great Attendance & Exhibitors at the 2016 New York Business Expo .

The Business Ahead spoke with attendees of the event, many of which were repeat visitors of the event due to the break-out sessions.  To get more information on the event and learn of future events, visit their website:

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Success Story: = SPACE

Just a Boy From Brooklyn | Medina | TEDxNJIT

Success story of how Medina achieved great success : Just a boy from Brooklyn. Made in Newark. Making something out of nothing.

The Top 5 Videos of ’10 Rules of Success’

The greatest advice you can get on being Successful is from someone who has already achieved Success.

A wise person once said, Never think you are the smartest person in the room!  There is someone out there who is a lot smarter than you & has all the scraps and bruises to prove it.

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