Book review: I love YOU More than my DOG by Jeanne Bliss

A reminder that people are bound by emotion to the things they love.

If you are a bit confused with the title, join the club!  I had the same reaction when I was introduced to this book during a business conference in Colorado.

 What does loving your dog have to do with business!??!  As I continued to review it’s content, it totally made sense!

“I love you More than my Dog – Five Decisions that drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad” by Jeanne Bliss, is a reminder that people are bound by emotion to the things they love.  

This book organized to help you discover how the story of your company is being told in the marketplace as defined by the decisions you make. The goal is to help you assess and adjust your decisions based on how you want your customers to identify and share thier story about your Brand.  

So why title it around loving your dog?  

Well, if you are an animal lover, like me, you know that ‘What binds dog lovers to their pets is the constant devotion they receive from them’.  People are bound by emotion to the things they love.  If they love your brand, it will create a brand loyalty allowing your customers to become your biggest cheering section.  

For almost eight years, I experienced that love & loyalty from my sweet dog, Cocoa, who passed away almost 2 years ago.  Her greetings were always so epic, exuding warmth & excitement, tail wagging so hard you would think  it would eventually fall off, hitting everything in it’s path as she rushed to greet you. How could you not smile and feel a warm glow when you experienced this genuine excitement? 

A company showing this type of devotion to their products, employees and clients is key to any successful business.   

Why is Customer Service so Important? 

Think of your experience when you walk into your favorite store or business.  Knowing you will receive the utmost care from its’ employees and you leave knowing they helped you solve a problem makes you want to keep coming back. 

Brand loyalty goes a long way for your business.  Customers will turn to you first, regardless of the competition, to help them solve the problem they have. They will tell your story of  the great quality of your business and the caring way in which they were services.  A customer sharing your story is an accolade as loud as them saying they love their dog. 

Lastly, in the world of the digital age, people are not shy about sharing their experiences on social media.   Social media channels, like Yelp are so popular because people love sharing their experiences with anyone who will listen.  It has help grow companies, and has also hurt them if the Customer Service your customers received was just awful.  The more likes, followers a social page has, the greater the influence for new & repeat business.  

What is the purpose of this book? 

The purpose of this book is to help you make a choice on how to help your customers understand that you deserve their business by deciding on how you will run yours.  

How do you achieve a state of being where customers love you more than their dogs?  

Simply put, the decisions YOU make will take you there.  Use this book to ask yourself, ‘what do your decisions say about who we are and what we value?’.  What is your intent and motivation behind your decisions today and how they compare to what resonates with your employees and customers.  

In the end, when you make a decision, it results in an action.  This action will define your business and becomes your ‘Story’.  Your story, whatever it is, will determine how successful your business will be. Choose wisely!

Where can I purchase ‘I Love You MORE than my Dog’ by Jeanne Bliss? 

Barnes & Nobles        Target 


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